Vermont wedding and elopement / Vermont fall elopement

Vermont wedding and elopement / Vermont fall elopement

Vermont wedding and elopement / Vermont fall elopement. I’m always at lost for words when it comes to writing blogs. I never know how to truly put my thoughts on paper. I rely on my photographs to tell the story of my clients wedding day and lives most important milestones. As I sit here looking back on Lara and Dima’s beautiful Vermont fall elopement with so much happiness in my heart for their day, I am compelled to share my feeling in words.

One might think my favorite part of my job is the photographs I take. Don’t get me wrong it is, but it’s more than that. It’s the people I have met throughout my almost twelve year career. Without a doubt I would have never met most of the people without my camera. I don’t know if I will ever be able to explain in words how my career has shaped me, saved me and brought so much joy in my life. I don’t take for granted the moments I have witnessed and the art I have created with my camera.

In all of my days I will never forget this wedding. Lara and Dima came to Vermont during the most incredible fall foliage I believe I have ever witnessed. They knew they wanted to exchange their vows over looking the mountains of Vermont. They started their elopement with a hike down to the clearest blue lake. I followed close behind while being inspired by the way the light came through the trees and the color of fall. As sunset approached we made our way back to the top of the mountain so they could share their handwritten vows. As the sun went down these two became husband and wife. I believe Mother Nature made the most glorious sunset for them on their wedding day.

Vermont wedding and elopement photographer.

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