2016 A year in review / Vermont, New England, NYC photographer

2016 A YEAR IN REVIEW. Vermont, New England, NYC photographer.As 2016 comes to a close, I sit here and look back over the year. This year was good to me in many ways, both personally and business wise. I am continued to be blessed with a healthy family and wonderful friends. Five children that despite my best efforts to keep little, they continue to grow.2016 brought over 60 sessions, my busiest year yet. This year was also the first of many changes; a new business name, new website and blog. This year also brought my first time to have my worked featured and in print, a dream I have had since I started working. I was lucky enough to cross paths with photography community that felt like home. I stumbled across LooksLikeFilm late 2015 and I knew it a community that I wanted to be a part of. Early 2016 I started posting my newborn work on their Facebook forum, and I am proud to say I have been lucky enough to have 5 Daily Features over the year. When the opportunity came to attend their NYC workshop,  to meet and learn from some my favorite photographers from across the world. It was a no brainer that I had to go. In October I spent the week back in NYC with a group of 50 photographers from across the country and the world. To say that that week was life changing is understatement. I was reminded who I was an artist, what was important to as a business owner, and where I wanted to take my career.As I say a bittersweet goodbye to 2016, I am reminded how wonderful this year was. I look forward to 2017, with any luck and hard work this year will be as good. Until next year!!!! xoxo,KristyVermont newborn photographerNew Hampshire newborn photographerDartmouth photographerVermont photographerNew England Newborn photographerNYC newborn photographerVermont newborn photographernewborn photographyBoston Newborn photographerNew Hampshire family photographerVermont family photographerVermont newborn photographerVermont child photographerNew England Family photographer Vermont family photographerBoston family photographerbest-of-2016-15 best-of-2016-16 VERMONT FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHERbest-of-2016-18 best-of-2016-19 NYC newborn photographerbest-of-2016-21 Vermont wedding photographerbest-of-2016-23 best-of-2016-24 best-of-2016-25 best-of-2016-26 best-of-2016-27 best-of-2016-28 best-of-2016-29 best-of-2016-30 best-of-2016-31 Vermont family photographerbest-of-2016-33 best-of-2016-34 best-of-2016-35 best-of-2016-36 New Hampshire wedding photographerbest-of-2016-38 best-of-2016-39 best-of-2016-40 best-of-2016-41 best-of-2016-42 best-of-2016-43 best-of-2016-44 Vermont family photographerVermont senior portrait photographerbest-of-2016-48 best-of-2016-49 best-of-2016-50 best-of-2016-51 best-of-2016-52 best-of-2016-53 best-of-2016-54 best-of-2016-55 best-of-2016-56 best-of-2016-57 best-of-2016-58 best-of-2016-59 best-of-2016-65 NYC wedding and portrait photographer best-of-2016-62 best-of-2016-61 best-of-2016-60 best-of-2016-66best-of-2016-67 best-of-2016-68 best-of-2016-69 Dartmouth collage area photographerbest-of-2016-71 Boston newborn photographerbest-of-2016-74 best-of-2016-75 best-of-2016-76 best-of-2016-77 best-of-2016-78 best-of-2016-79 New England family photographerbest-of-2016-81 best-of-2016-82 best-of-2016-83Vermont senior portrait photographerbest-of-2016-85 best-of-2016-86 best-of-2016-87 best-of-2016-88 Vermont family photographer NYC children photographerbest-of-2016-96 best-of-2016-93 best-of-2016-92 Vermont best-of-2016-100 best-of-2016-99 best-of-2016-98 Vermont child and family photographerVermont wedding photographer Vermont wedding photographer New England wedding photographer Vermont wedding photographer Vermont Engagement session Vermont photographer Vermont wedding photographer Vermont photographer Vermont fall Engagement session Vermont photographer Vermont wedding photographerbest-of-2016-102 Dartmouth/Hanover wedding photographer best-of-2016-105 best-of-2016-106 best-of-2016-107Vermont  Kristy Burrell PhotographyVermont, New England, NYC photographer. Specializing in modren portraiture, adventurous families, and inspiring couples.

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